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Motive Power - Steam Roster

4-4-0200-225None recommended
0-6-0250-269Model Die Casting
2-6-0300-329IHC (coal tender version)
4-6-0350-379Model Die Casting Modern
2-8-2400-449(Light) Mantua-Cary
2-8-2450-499(Heavy) Mantua-Cary
4-6-2500-549(Light) Mantua-Cary
4-6-2550-599(Heavy) Mantua-Cary
2-10-2600-649Bowser USRA
4-8-2700-749Bowser USRA

1. All 2-8-2, 4-6-2, 2-10-2, & 4-8-2 are USRA copies

# The diesel roster/history states that the Monashee Pacific purchased ALCO S-2 switchers during the second world war when it was unable to buy additional new or used 0-8-0s.

Bowser, the owner of Cary, no longer offers its boilers drilled and tapped for mounting on Bowser mechanisms only Mantua's. Part of the reason for specifying the boiler/mechanism combinations are to make the construction of 'Monashee Pacific' steam reasonably priced for most of us. Other manufacturers USRA types can be substituted but may not perform as well (Life Like 2-8-2/4-6-2) or have deep flanges (AHM/Rivarossi).

Standard Monashee Pacific Appliances

Most of the appliances specified are the cast steel versions manufactured by the Commonwealth Steel Castings company because all such are available as separate parts. It is desirable to foster a 'family resemblance' between all the Monashee Pacific steam power, and also to eliminate the impression that all the steam engines are stock 'out of the box' kits exactly the same every other one ever built from that kit.

Cal Scale - Standard Wing Board w/bracket w/visor 190-206
Precision Scale - Pyle w/visor 585-3085 or 585-3169
* The headlight is mounted directly in the center of the smoke box
Air Pumps (2-8-2, 4-6-2, 2-10-2, 4-8-2)
Precision Scale - Westinghouse Dual Cross Compound 585-3449
Cal Scale - Side Mounting Dual Cross Compound 190-334
Air Pumps (0-6-0, 0-8-0, 2-6-0, 2-8-0, & 4-6-0)
Precision Scale - 8 1/2" Westinghouse Cross Compound 585-31581
PIA - Westinghouse 8 1/2" Cross Compound 063-22
Cal Scale - Cross Compound Westinghouse 190-240
Back Up Lights
Cal Scale - Plain 190-207
* Mounted on the centerline of the tender at the rear of the tender deck on all engines where there is no backup light molded in the rear of the tender body.
Tender Trucks (2-8-2, 4-6-2, 2-10-2, & 4-8-2)
Precision Scale - Commonwealth Tender Short 585-331861 or 585-31657
Tender Trucks (2-8-0 & 4-6-0)
Precision Scale - 4 wheel Truck for Commonwealth Tender 585-31541
Trailing Trucks
Oriental Limited - Commonwealth Two wheel Delta Type 541J131
PIA Ltd. - Delta Trailing Truck Commonwealth 063-45 & 063-51
* Other manufacturers Delta trailing truck can be substituted
Pilot (2-8-2, 4-6-2, 2-10-2, & 4-8-2)
Precision Scale - Commonwealth Cast Steel 585-31381
Standard for 2-8-2, 4-6-2, 4-8-2, & 2-10-2 Mantua - Long Haul 455-713000
Standard for 2-8-0 & 4-6-0 - Bowser 32 foot

All numbers reference the Walthers Catalog

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